Лонгборд Comet Manifest

Лонгборд Comet Manifest
Модель: Manifest
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Проконсультируем Вас по любому товару. Подберём, расскажем все нюансы, поможем разобраться в любом вопросе!


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After all the crazy hours of rigorous testing Comet has finally released their Cometogether setup! The Comet Manifest! The Cometogether lineup is a collaboration between the community and Comet. With an online forum of people all putting in their say, they came out to be the do it all setup! But of course there had to be prototypes to be ridden. 50 prototypes were made and Daddies was lucky enough to get our hands on one of them! We got to prototype it ourselves and we loved what we saw! The final production model is even better than that. With double kicks while maintaining a speed stiff design this is a downhill board with freestyle capabilities. With wheel base options of 22.5 - 25.5 this thing is a freeriding dream. 360 slides and big stand ups are a dream. A dream come true of course! With its W concave design, it locks you in perfectly as well. But Comet doesn't stop there. They include the brand new airframe technology. It is a layer of hollow torsion boxes sandwiched between layers of the maple you all love, giving you strength and responsiveness all in a package lighter than ever!

Дека (размеры в дюймах)
Колёсная база22.50" - 25.50"
5 ( 5 / 5 )
дикая доска! можт слайдить,может нестись на 60-70км/ч,может везти за пивом. а чего еще надо то?)

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